GTA V's PEDs Made More Realistic (Mod)

Alternate title: GTA V's PEDs turned into assholes.

If you've been following the GTA V modding scene, you'll probably be familiar with the very-over-the-top modder known as ZiPPO RAID. He's best-known creation is probably the gore, violence and ragdoll overhaul, which has gotten over 60 thousand unique downloads. Granted, that was created with the help of other modders too, however he has other popular creations such as Trevor's Shitkickers and Revolver Overhaul that we featured on this site.

The current mod on the menu is one that assumes all PEDs in GTA V are assholes incapable of empathy - you know, like most human beings. The default programming causes all PEDs to flee the area when a weapon is fired, and to despawn after some time. There is also a timed spawn-blocker to prevent new PEDs from entering an area where a gunfight is going down.


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The Bystanders are Ignorant Pieces of Shit (it's actually called that) mod disables the latter feature and alters the former. Some PEDs will still turn tail, but others will either completely ignore what is happening, they will turn to watch, some will record video with their phones, while others will join in on the violence. The only way to guarantee a PED to flee is to directly point a weapon at them within a given range.


New PEDs will also spawn in the area. Sometimes an entire crowd may gather to observe a gunfight, even if stray bullets nail a few members of the ill begotten audience. While literally everyone running away head over heels isn't the most realistic approach, this one takes things over the top on the other end of the scale. But hey, it's a hell of a lot more fun than the default.

What other mods from ZiPPO do you usually run while playing GTA V?


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