GTA V’s Parody Cousin NotGTAV Disappears From Steam, Re-appears

We’ve recently reported that a cheap little parody game with satirical ties to GTA V was the biggest indie hit on Steam for a while. The game is a crudely hand-drawn gameplay copy of the old Snake game for Nokia phones, and had a tone of satirical social commentary not unlike Rockstar’s blockbuster franchise. NotGTAV, developed by NotGames, had players wreak badly drawn havoc over three levels. The game is politically loaded, and focuses on British culture and issues, and handles humor in a very British way, meaning the last mission has players assume control of David Cameron and mass-murder social workers.


Now, despite the name, NotGTAV doesn’t actually have that many references to GTA V, as most of the game’s humor is, as previously mentioned, aimed at British politicking. The game got quite a bit of coverage after it hit the top of the charts, and the game’s creators stated that they practically expect a copyright claim to pop up sooner or later.

Turns out the claim hit sooner rather than later, and yesterday someone who allegedly works for Rockstar Games knocked the game off the steam store.

Valve received a DMCA copyright take down notice about your NotGTAV game on Steam, at [infringing Steam Link].

Andrew Youngs, on behalf of Rockstar Games, alleges that your game uses the Grand Theft Auto V acronym and title GTAV, and your game title infringes its copyright in

As a result, we have unpublished your game from Steam.

The team over at NotGames, while expecting something like this to happen, were a tad surprised that it came from Rockstar, since they’ve contacted the company over a year ago regarding NotGTAV. Either way, they began re-branding their creation to NotDMCAV, and removing all references to GTA.

Then as suddenly as the game was taken down, it was back up. While NotGames was busy re-branding, Valve decided to quickly investigate the possibility of a fake copyright claim. True enough, however filed the claim doesn’t actually have any ties to GTA V, so NotGTAV was put back on Steam.

Oh, the antics of game distribution.

Have you guys played NotGTAV?


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