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GTA V's NPCs Don't Care Anymore (Video)


Now you've done it. All that wanton destruction, causing chaos literally every day, racking up a kill count that not only solved the over-population problem, but overshot and turned the human race into an endangered species. And then there's the walking around with heavy weapons drawn at all times... it's finally broken the people of Los Santos.

Wondering what the heck we're talking about? Well, the NPC's of GTA V just don't give a shit anymore.


Of course, it could just be the way shopkeepers are programmed, or a mod, or a slight bug, but YouTuber and GTA V player Neonturtles has captured on camera the perfect depiction of what will happen to a population which is exposed to the threat of a messy death every hour or so, and witness the murder of at least a dozen of their PED compatriots every day individually. Oh no, they won't be tragic wrecks of fear and suffering. They won't show signs of emotional instability.

Instead, as this GTA V shopkeep shows, they will become entirely apathetic. You can shoot up the stall to which they are leaning. You can nail every packet of chips right around them. You can flail various firearms around in front of them. They will stand there with the same emotionless visage as they were wearing before you even came near the shop. You can threaten, you can intimidate, you can strong-arm all you want, but these people will not even take note of your measly existence.

You may think you're the scourge of Los Santos. You may have crushed all the organised crime rings single handedly, and killed more people that the black death, but these PEDs are not afraid of you. You killed their fear, along with their neighbors.

Disclaimer: For those of you who didn't get it, this article is satire and in no way a serious description of what GTA BOOM thinks of wartime societies.

What's your civilian kill count in GTA V? Are you a disturbed enough individual to keep track?


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