GTA V's North Yankton Celebrates Christmas

Snow may not be anything new in North Yankton, but Christmas is still an event that only happens once each year there as well. While the area isn't normally accessible, modding has allowed players to visit it at will, and if Los Santos is getting all festive and jolly, why shouldn't Ludendorff?


North Yankton is a fictional state in the GTA Universe which is only featured twice in the span of the game (unless you use mods, of course). It is where the story begins, showing a small-scale heist performed by Michael, Trevor and a third criminal who promptly dies during the robbery. It also appears again in one of Trevor's story missions, "Bury the Hatchet".



Several glitches have been found in GTA V over the course of the game's life-span, however one by one, each has been patched. Currently, the only way to access North Yankton outside of one of those missions is if you happen to be playing on PC and use a mod or trainer.

However, if you do happen to be playing on PC and use a mod or trainer to access North Yankton, you can use the Merry Christmas North Yankton mod to make the area that much more festive. The mod adds some much needed decorations to Ludendorff, as well as a new interior for one of the buildings, which has now been made accessible, a hot dog stand, and a restaurant.


The town will also be much more populous, with significantly more peds and vehicles moving around its streets, enjoying the holiday spirit. This mod is the author's first foray into the world of GTA V modding, and is a pretty damn good effort for it. You'll need to load up the North Yankton map before you initialize the mod for it to work.

What other locations from the GTA universe would you like to see accessible in GTA V?

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