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GTA V's Map Maker Mod Expanded

One of the greatest things about the modding community of GTA V is that the modders not only have the chance to improve the game itself through the use of mods, but can go ahead and improve or add to other mods as well. By extension, this of course improved the game in the end, but the method of achieving this is unique.


The cooperation and collaboration between various modders has always resulted in some pretty spectacular additions or changes to GTA 5. Several of the greatest mods, LSPDFR included are the works of multiple, dedicated modders trying to achieve a vision of the game's future.

However, simply creating a sort of addon to an existing mod without direct team work is another way to nourishing the GTA 5 modding community. Guadmaz created something truly groundbreaking with the Map Editor, as this modding tool has been since used in countless popular mods, ranging from the small to the gigantic.


OmegaKingMods' Map Builder update is something of an expansion pack for the Map Editor. It adds a number of new features and options, such as material choice for the ground and walls and stack-able blocks of your desired material.

This, relatively small mod gives prospective custom map creators quite a bit of more control over their creations and opens up new opportunities for future GTA V map mods. Modders have been able to put together some truly awing custom locations and maps. This mod will only allow that "wow factor" to increase with every new map.


The Map Editor is a pretty easy to learn, but fairly difficult to master tool. It enables people new to modding to wet their feet and later to take the plunge, all in a single comprehensive map creator.

Have you ever made any custom GTA V maps with the Map Editor? Will this smaller addition be useful for you?


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