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GTA V's Imperial Fleet Expands With Two Mods

While the First Order might be the top evil dog on the block these days, the reign of the Galactic Empire is difficult to forget. Kylo Ren and his new and shiny stormtroopers will need to do a lot of dastardly deeds to become half as iconic as Darth Vader and his army. After all, Starkiller Base is just another Death Star copy, right?

Despite the newest installment of the Star Wars film franchise breaking box office records and being extremely well received by fans and critics alike, the popularity of the original trilogy still reigns supreme, and this shows in the GTA V modding community as well.

Nowhere is the First Order TIE Fighter mod to be seen, nor is Kylo Ren's command shuttle flying around in Los Santos' airspace. Instead, two adept GTA V modders have brought the legendary TIE Interceptor and the Imperial Shuttle Tyridium to Rockstar's open world blockbuster.


The TIE Interceptor is the best looking and fastest (not counting expanded universe TIEs) variant of the iconic Twin Ion Engine fighter. This ship is specifically designed to catch up to and destroy enemy fighters, while the regular TIE fighter is better suited to head on battles.

This is hardly the first time the Interceptor was modded into GTA V, but it is undoubtedly the best attempt yet. The model is extremely detailed and the cockpit is really well done.

Kinda looks like a duck, if you think about it.
Kinda looks like a duck, if you think about it.

We also have here the three-pronged Imperial Shuttle making its first appearance in GTA V. Less designed for blasting rebel scum, and more geared towards ferrying important diplomats to and fro between various ships or planets, or, on occasion, transporting troops to the frontlines, the elegant shuttle allows for discerning GTA V mod-users to fly around Los Santos in style.

Which iconic Star Wars vehicle would you want to see modded into GTA V?


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