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GTA 5's Hidden Peyote Turns You Into Bigfoot

Unraveling rumors and data mines to reveal the secret Sasquatch transformation.

Gta V Bigfoot

Well, well, well, it seems that amidst the endless stream of false, baseless rumors, some speculation regarding future GTA V content actually turned out to be true. Some time ago, in the weeks leading up to the announcement of GTA Online Freemode Events, we reported on some data miners happening upon some code segments in the GTA V files which suggested that the 1.29 update would include new peyote plants.

Peyote plants are collectibles scattered around GTA V's game world, which allow players to transform into various animals. Based on some references discovered in GTA V's code, players began to theorize that some of the peyote plants were either cut from the final release of the game, or they were held off as DLC.

Gta V Bigfoot

The three unreleased peyote plants revealed by the data miners could allegedly turn the player in a rat, a chimp, and a freaking Sasquatch. More commonly known as Bigfoots (Bigfeet?), Sasquatches are classified as cryptids, which means their existence has not been proven.

While the bigfoot urban legend is merely a marketing ploy to generate income from tourism in regions which are not interesting in any way whatsoever, it has managed to capture the imaginations of countless people across the globe. This popularity spurred Rockstar to add the being to GTA V.


Post the Freemode Events update, finding the known peyote plants grants you a trophy, the flavor text of which reads as follows:

You unlocked all animals for use in Director Mode... or did you?

Also, at this point, the stat tracking peyote plants will be one short of 100% completion. This, coupled with the reference to the bigfoot peyote in GTA V's source-code, is ample evidence to come to the conclusion that the final peyote does indeed transform the player into a Sasquatch.

Have any of you found the bigfoot peyote in GTA 5 yet?


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