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GTA V's Franklin Drawn With Excel

GTA V's fan-base has countless artistically talented individuals among its ranks. So much so that occasionally Rockstar showcases the best of GTA V fan art on the Newswire, the developer's own online news platform. Usually the kinds of art shown off range from the regular stylized images of various characters and locations related to GTA V and other Rockstar games to more unique creations such as an actual Clucking Bell menu or make-up induced transformations.

Sometimes what sets a piece of fan art apart isn't the art itself or what it's depicting, but rather the method of creation. In these cases the end result isn't truly the point, but rather the path leading to it. Typically in these works of art, a completely unexpected or unusual method is chosen. Normally you'd never think of these as capable of producing art.


Spreadsheet processors are among the most dull pieces of software on the planet. Unless you're fanatically enthusiastic about accounting, spreadsheets won't interest you in any particular fashion.

Unless someone uses them to draw one of GTA V's protagonists, that is. Microsoft Excel is packed full of features only the most dedicated of users will ever touch, many of which serve to differentiate cells from one another visually. When used correctly these features can be used to create cohesive images.

This isn't just some stick-man built of rectangles either. The official art depicting Franklin and Chop has been perfectly recreated entirely in Excel. The texture of Chop's fur, the shadows across Franklin, the creases in his clothes - everything has been depicted perfectly. Even the sliver of saliva hanging from Chop's maw has a fluid feel to it - this is hard to achieve even with regular art techniques, let alone in excel.

Have you guys ever attempted to create GTA V related fan art with unorthodox methods?


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