GTA V's Explosions Just Got Realistic

GTA V has always been about things going boom. Now that Rockstar has released a new Adversary Mode about tanks and sticky bombs, this is more true than ever. The most effective weapons in the game are explosive, throughout the story you blow up various buildings and explosions are a great way of solving pretty much any issue you encounter in GTA Online. These glorious balls of fire, shockwaves and blasts are what keep the world spinning. As far as explosions go, GTA V has some pretty realistic ones.

However, there is always room for improvement. Explosions in real life are varied, random and a whole lot more destructive, if less visually appealing than in media. Usually it's the shockwave, not the heat and flames that cause the devastation. The heat plays a significant role near the epicenter of the explosion but the sheer force of the air (and pretty much anything else) that is pushed away bends metal, shatters stone and shears flesh. Glorious!



IIvELITEzX, acclaimed GTA V modder has decided to take the game's explosions, take them apart and tweak everything to make it more realistic - not only in terms of visuals, but in terms of physics too. The earth and concrete is now scorched in a realistic manner, the shockwaves cause proper amounts of devastation and the fires look more realistic.


The smoke textures have also been improved since the mod has been updated. Fires also keep burning after the explosion for a realistic amount to time depending on the force of the explosion. You'll also get different kinds of booms depending on source - was it just a hand grenade, or an entire petrol station? Not only the strength of the blast is altered here, but all other factors as well.

How much of a pyromaniac are you while playing GTA V? Are you peaceful, or do you blow everything up?

Aron Gerencser
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