GTA V ENBSeries Mod Is One Way To Impress Your Friends

While GTA V has enjoyed a thriving and vibrant modding community ever since it launched, nowhere is modding as competitive as in the graphical department. With several high profile mods out there geared towards making GTA V look even more spectacular than it already does, each of them is determined to be the best of the lot.

The primary battle is between SweetFX, Gionight and the topical ENBSeries mod. The ENBSeries of graphical mods are renowned among the modding community, with ENB modders improving the graphics of several popular video games by magnitudes.



Most of these graphical mods work on improving textures, shaders and lighting effects primarily, but they also make a multitude of other tweaks as well. The challenge in creating these mods is knowing what exactly affects the visuals in what way, and how to make things look the best they possibly can.


Gloom, render distance and distortion has also been visibly altered in this iteration of the mod. Naturally, you'll need a pretty damn beefy PC to run GTA V with this mod without any kind of lag. GTA V has been known as an extremely hardware demanding game on the highest settings, but it must be noted for Rockstar's benefit that the game is masterfully optimized, meaning its a good bet that anyone could run it on medium settings at great framerates.


Another major feature many graphics mods incorporate are realistic reflections. In many cases, games nowadays have static reflections, meaning a window may reflect the game area in front of it, but that is just an image, so the vehicles moving in the background, or the player model is you stand in front of it won't be reflected. In one rather notorious case, Watch_Dogs, advertised to be a visual landmark, had a single static reflection image used everywhere in the game, so 90% of the reflections didn't ever reflect what was actually there.

What do you guys think of the new updated GTA V ENBSeries mod?

Aron Gerencser
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