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GTA V's ctOS Mod Keeps Getting Better

We've covered the following GTA V mod extensively in previous articles. However, its author is on the roll, constantly updating the already ambitious and expansive mod with further content, and he has some pretty big dreams for the future. Oh, no, we don't mean LSPDFR (not this time) - we're talking about ctOS V.

Everything is connected. I have to thank ctOS one day, one simple breach of their network, and I have access to half the state.

Of course, those of you who have read the previous posts, or have some gaming know-how, will recognize ctOS as the primary story element and game play gimmick of Watch_Dogs. ctOS is the computer system connecting all city electronics, networked devices and social services in Chicago, and the protagonist, Aiden Pearce, is able to hack the said system.


Modder "FlushingLocal" released the so called HackMod some time ago, bringing the blackout hack from Watch_Dogs to GTA V. Since then, we've reached version 0.3a, with several of the other hacks added, some other features from the Ubisoft game like the basic crafting system, and a unique outfit.

The most recent update has added some of the iconic abilities of Watch_Dogs, such as hacking a civilian's bank account, or messing with traffic lights to cause accidents in order to facilitate your escape. Aiden's signature outfit with the cap, trench-coat and mask-scarf has also been added (usable by Franklin) so the player can get really immersed in the Watch_Dogs feel without leaving GTA V behind.


The addition of the ctOS Towers, used to reveal sections of the map in the original game, is also a forerunner of what is to come. The modder intends to create a string of story missions, with a Watch_Dogs theme, but entirely original in its plot. What sort of feedback do you have for this GTA V mod?


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