GTA V’s Content Creator Feature Wishlist

The content creator for GTA V is great, but there is always room for improvement.

Players have been making all manner of great jobs with the Rockstar creator in GTA V, so much so that occasionally the developers themselves endorse the best of these missions on the Newswire, and jobs that gain the status of “Rockstar Verified” are then considered “on par” with official content. The creator hands players the tools they need to create missions of varying complexity, with all the necessary elements under their control. However, as with the Rockstar Editor, the tool has some limitations.


Some GTA V players and frequent users of the content creator have taken to Reddit to discuss what kinds of features they would like to see added to the tool. Some of these are pretty basic things, and would seem like logical additions anyway, while others are a bit more creative, but would definitely add to the experience.


First up is the simplest of them all – no time limit. In a nutshell, the creator does not currently allow you to set the time to infinite on all game modes, an option present in any multiplayer game lobby pretty much ever since online multiplayer has been a thing. Other simpler requests include mini-map toggle, weapon spawn timers, stacking spawn points on props, and a prop grid.


Some of the more complex requests on the other hand are geared towards new game mechanics. The ability to mark out “death areas”, zones which instantly kill the player upon entering, can add a mechanic where someone with knowledge of the map can lure opponents into a trap. Players also wish races would be more open-ended, allowing them to match vehicles specifically, instead of being restricted to given categories. All in all, there are a whole lot of suggestions, and most are simple to implement.

What sort of improvement would you suggest for the GTA V Content Creator?

Aron Gerencser
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