GTA V’s Christmas DLC Coming Up

If a recent leak is anything to go by, GTA Online will soon be seeing an influx of new content.

Ever since the Lowriders update was foretold by dataminers with surprising accuracy, and their predictions turned out to be correct in the case of the Halloween DLC right after, the community’s faith in leaks has returned.


Some time ago we reported on a leak of massive proportions, which saw code and assets from upcoming DLCs released to the public earlier than intended. At first, it seemed as if the initial leak would be debunked. However, a followup with more content proved to be too extensive to be a fake.

The two main updates that fans expect to see soon are the Christmas DLC and the second part of the Lowrider update. Content from both was first shown off in the massive leak, including the remainder of the vehicles linked to the initial “LOW” reference in the code which kicked off all that Lowriders speculation way, way back.


As is standard with these occurrences, the current leaks were also based off certain sections of code referring to new content with a shorthand name tag. XMAS_3_MP and LOW_2_MP are the two code-names that have the player-base all riled up, as they are pretty self-explanatory in their intention and meaning.

This would hardly be the first time Rockstar released Christmas themed content for GTA Online in December. Last year’s December saw the release of the Holiday Surprise Update, which added a number of festive items to the game, as well as covering the map in snow.


Considering that we’re rapidly chewing through the days of December, chances are that we are going to see the Christmas DLC released soon, and if previous releases are anything to go on, the update may be officially announced the very day of launch.

Do you hope the Christmas GTA Online DLC has more than just the leaked content?

Aron Gerencser
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