GTA 5's Chiliad Mystery Still Unsolved

While GTA V and GTA Online both offer more than enough in the jobs, activities and game-modes field for entertainment, Rockstar has hidden an all different source of thrill in their game. Ever since GTA 5's release, people have been trying to solve what may turn out to be the biggest easter egg in video game history. However, Mt.Chiliad has yet to surrender its secrets.

We've covered the exploits of the restless UFO hunters and conspiracy theorists trying to unlock the secrets of the mountain previously here on GTA BOOM. The massive, community-wide coordinated effort to crack the various hints, puzzles, clues and riddles has been on-going for years now. Every now and then a large breakthrough is achieved, which only leads to a whole new world of strange questions to be answered.

For those of you who aren't familiar with this mystery, it involves a cryptic mural found at the top of Mt. Chiliad. It's there from the first moment you set foot in Los Santos, however until you've finished the plot, there will be writing under it saying "come back when your story is complete".


If the player returns once they have achieved 100% completion (no small feat), there will be a UFO hovering above the mountain. This is only the first of a long string of clues and easter eggs related to "solving" the mural.

Players have tried laying the mural over the game map to discover other locations, which has lead to further discoveries. Several other UFO sightings have also been confirmed under very specific circumstances. A connection between the mystery, the peyote plants and Bigfoot has also been discovered.


The list just goes on and on. Anyone embarking on a quest to solve the mystery is taking a leap down a seemingly endless rabbit hole of virtual conspiracy theories. Everyone has their own insane take on the mystery, everyone is pursuing their own little leads.

A large community of GTA V players dedicated to cracking this thing have started their own, rather populated subreddit where they share their own theories and try to help others solve whatever they're stuck on.

The most prominent theories are the ones regarding the Sun and the Moon, as both are frequently featured or at least referenced in most clues. Other than these, the new "lead" the whole community is all excited about suddenly are the Xs on the mural.


Theorists have discerned that these are physically present in the world of GTA V, but hidden in plain sight. Several videos or screenshots about possible X locations have flooded the subreddit, some debunked swiftly while others seemingly plausible but unconfirmed.

The release of the current-gen and PC versions of GTA 5 muddied the waters back in the day, as they featured different variations of key clues regarding the mystery. The locations of the Xs are among these, as they don't seem to be present in the last-gen versions.

Some players are even looking to the differences between the two versions for any kind of meta-clues. This is not as far fetched as it sounds considering how many of the solutions in the past were found through unconventional means requiring additional investigation outside the game.


The most popular theory regarding the payoff for solving the mystery may in some way be connected to the recent potential leak by Maylenoo, the voice actor of CJ in GTA San Andreas. Many players also think that solving the Chiliad mystery will unlock the jetpack, which was an iconic vehicle (and it also probably the most requested single player cheat!) in San Andreas.

If there really is singleplayer DLC coming up that will link San Andreas to GTA V, the jetpack being present in V becomes an even more plausible prospect.

Have you guys tried to get into GTA V's biggest mystery?

Aron Gerencser
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