GTA 5's Bigfoot Mystery Thickens

Late last year, news of the mysterious Bigfoot peyote being found in GTA 5 kicked up some big dust in the press world as many assumed it is the final solution of a long standing secret in the franchise. Rumors of Sasquatches in the franchise have been swirling since San Andreas.


Rockstar finally added the peyote to the game as an easter egg, since they've long confirmed that the creature isn't present in the old 3D era game. Finding it proved to be quite difficult, as industrious players had to dig through games files and code to find the necessary hints - including a comment from one of Rockstar's programmers which acted as a hint for the solution. You see, each and every patch, a dedicated team of code readers called "The Codewalkers" constantly check if something new was added into the game's code.


Basically, players had to be standing in the exact right spot at the exact right time for the plant to spawn. The location was found based on coordinates, and the "when" was determined based on the hints in the code.


If present on a Tuesday with foggy or snowy weather, in between 5:30 and 8:00 AM. Only then would the plant spawn. Upon eating the plant, the player character would turn into a Bigfoot and the creature would be unlocked in Director Mode as an actor.

However, this was only the precipice of the rabbit hole - despite the assumption that unlocking Bigfoot was the "end goal", some of the people combing through the code began to suspect otherwise.


True enough, coordinates for six other peyotes were discovered, which lead to a realization - if there are seven special peyotes hidden in GTA V and one of them was linked to a day, chances are the others are too, making it a week.

The hunters - lead in part by Louis C Leblond - knew they were on the right track when GTA V's code was edited, changing the hint that was previously used to find the Bigfoot peyote. Each of the plants had to be found on their respective day, during foggy or snowy weather in between 5:30 and 8 AM.


But how do you find them? Well, the answer was already known, but the hunters didn't connect the dots before. When in Sasquatch-mode due to the peyote, players gained an curious sonar ability. It turns out this ability leads them to the other peyotes.

But what did the dedicated team of hunters find at the end of the trail? Surprisingly enough, another beast - one with which players might be familiar with. The same werewolf inspired beast from the eponymous Freemode event and the recent Adversary Mode, Power Play appeared when the peyotes were eaten in order.


A painfully long chase ensued which based on reports from the hunters lasted literal hours. Once one of them finally caught the beast, the same thing happened as when they found the Bigfoot peyote - they turned into the beast and the corresponding actor was unlocked in Director Mode.

While this once again might seem like the ultimate payoff, following the ruse of the Bigfoot peyote, many of the players dedicated to discovering the mysteries of GTA V are suspicious. This new finding has caused quite a stir among those interested in solving the Chiliad Mystery, though no link between the two has been found so far. Even so, this discovery has the community in a buzz with players frantically looking for more clues into the secret peyote plants hidden in the game.


What do you make of this new development? Do you think there are any more mysteries left to uncover in GTA 5?

Aron Gerencser
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