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GTA V's Best Graphics Mod Shut Down After Scandal

The GTA V modding community suffered a serious blow recently, and it was not because of any fault on behalf of the creator of the mod in question.

The GTA V graphical modding scene is massive. People are continuously creating and uploading complex interfaces that not only greatly improve the game's visuals, but allow the user to tweak a seemingly endless list of options to get the right look. In fact, the complexity of these mods has advanced so far that by far the most popular trend in the past months has been to upload one's own configuration of a graphics mod, which players then download along with said mod to skip the hours and hours of tweaking every little option.


There are many big names in the graphical modding scene, such as ENBSeries, SweetFX and Toddyhancer, but none are quite as well known as Pinnacle of V (alright, maybe ENBSeries is up there next to it). Granted, Pinnacle of V is a lot more than merely a graphical mod, as adds a whole lot more to the game than just flashy visuals, but the massive graphical improvements are undoubtedly its most famous feature.

One of the mod's greatest strengths was also its downfall however. Pinnacle of V could never have reached these heights under the hand of a single developer, regardless of how many man-hours he put into it, nor under a coordinated team even. Pinnacle of V is a collaborative effort between countless GTA V modders working around the clock and around the world.


With so many people involved, it is practically impossible to avoid a few bad apples. And recently, more and more reports came in of the mod containing stolen assets, something the original creator knew nothing of. It seems that a number of "contributors" were adding stolen assets to the mod. By the time this was discovered, the corruption went too deep, and the creator recently announced that the mod has been shut down permanently.

Did any of you guys use Pinnacle of V? Are you keeping the files anyway, or moving over to a supported graphical mod?


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