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GTA V's Best Flash Mod Released


GTA V's greatest modder is at it again. JulioNIB, who is responsible for legendary creations like the Iron Man and Hulk mods, has been working on a number of projects since. The former of the two mentioned got him significant fame in the modding community. After putting together a grappling hook mod based on Just Cause 2 and rebuilding the hacking mechanic from Watch_Dogs, he has now returned to his super-hero roots.

While the big-screen is dominated by Marvel's insanely popular cinematic universe, the realm of television belongs to DC. Between Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and countless cartoons, they dominate the shows. Sure, Marvel also began moving into series territory, with some solid shows, however DC has been in on this field for longer and has more popular shows.

One of the shows mentioned, the Flash, is possibly the most popular of the three live-action series. It features Barry Allen, AKA the fastest man alive, as the title character, backed by a repertoire of familiar faces to DC fans. As the Flash, Barry does superhero things in superhero ways - namely, he saves the world.

This isn't the first time GTA V saw a mod based on the red and gold superhero, however it is the best. Julio has been working on the mod for some time, allowing him to polish it to a perfect shine. He previewed the mod in a short video displaying near infinite acceleration earlier in development.


Not only is the released version significantly more stable but it contains some sweet new features. Barry's increased strength is applied in melee combat and Julio's custom wind physics are shown off when his Flash creates a whirlwind by running in a tight circle. It also contains other high-speed characters. Zoom and the Reverse-Flash make appearances, with appropriate abilities.

Which superhero do you hope JulioNIB mods into GTA V next?

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