GTA V’s Awesome Airstrike Mod

GTA V modders are getting progressively more and more insane with the kinds of over the top modifications they are cooking up for this game. I mean, a jetpack, sure, there was one of those in GTA: San Andreas. A Just Cause grappling hook? Well, yeah, pretty crazy, but the mayhem associated with Just Cause can mainly be attributed to the destructibility.

Well, how about an AC130 Flying Fortress?

Popularized in gaming by the universally known Call of Duty franchise, the air strike became engraved in gaming culture. Regardless of what you opinion of Call of Duty may be (bane of the AAA industry), you have to admit that it is a massively popular franchise, with millions of fans.

Don’t take this for some small visual mod showing an AC130 flying around in the distance. You can call in the flying fortress, and pilot it yourself, wreaking havoc and destruction in Los Santos with the plane’s characteristic 150mm Howitzer and a 40mm Bofor Gun. This mod may be familiar to those of you who played GTA IV on PC, and modded that game too. The original mod’s author simply ported his flying death machine over to GTA V, however he did say that it works best in first person view.


Make sure to check your version though. The recent GTA V update 1.27, which contained the Ill-Gotten Gains DLC, messed around with the game’s code in order to protect GTA Online from unfair modding and hacking, however this also affected the single player portion of the game, making ScriptHook V, a modding tool, incompatible with the game. You guessed it, the AC130 mod needs ScriptHook V to work. The author of ScripHook V is hard at work to jump this particular hurdle, however.

What kinds of over-the-top destruction mods would you guys like to see in GTA V?

Trevor Phillips
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