GTA V's Adder Played Next To A Bugatti (Video)

Some time ago we covered the dilemma of using licensed vehicles in GTA games. This is as opposed to the current system, where the design of a vehicle might be based on existing vehicles, but the name of the model and manufacturer is changed to something different.

GTA V's vehicle roster is seriously impressive, with rides of all shapes, sizes and purposes being represented by several models. Naturally, the super-car category is one of the most represented and most popular among players, and Rockstar has been sure to include all the heavy hitters.

The Bugatti Veyron, despite its age, is still considered to be one of the top luxury automobiles in the world. Not only does it have unique and iconic looks, it also packs a serious punch with impressive speed figures. The hyper-expensive ride (around US$1.5 million) has been featured in media extensively due to its extensive recognition - from movies, through music videos, to all kinds of racing games.


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While the car that appears in GTA V isn't exactly the Bugatti Veyron, it is obviously based off it. When we say "based off", we mean very, very similar body with a different logo on the front and back. The Adder is one of the most popular launch vehicles of GTA V and Online, and is defined by its sleek, curved lines, with an almost complete lack of angular elements. The car's strong body gives it endurance, an important factor in a game like GTA V.


The GTA V version hearkens to the Veyron in more than just appearance. When looking at pure numbers, the Adder technically has the highest top speed in the game, however many other vehicles trump it in terms of acceleration, handling, etc, meaning it can still be beaten in races. The powerful four-wheel engine gives the car solid traction, but it suffers from understeer and is slow to accelerate.

Do we have any car enthusiasts among our readers? Veyron, yay or nay?


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