GTA VR Doesn’t Exist – April’s Fools

While most of you almost certainly saw through the deception, we’d like to officially state that yesterday’s article which reported on the alleged announcement of a VR edition for GTA V was an April Fool’s joke and by no means real. That won’t stop us from wishing it was, though, since VR is really shaping up to be more of the new direction for gaming rather than simply yet another passing gimmick.


We’ve covered the concept of GTA V heading to VR devices in a more serious article some time ago and April’s Fools notwithstanding, we’re still holding out hope for Rockstar to show off something VR related at E3 later this year. Take-Two Interactive will be present at the convention, however they will be bringing enough to the table to warrant an official announcement teasing  a major presence.

Since 2K and their subsidiaries have pretty much revealed all their cards (though they still have a few surprises up their sleeve, most likely), that announcement probably meant that it will be Rockstar showing off some goods. This theory seems to be supported by Ned Luke’s recent announcement that Rockstar is putting him and the other two GTA V protagonist voice actors back into the convention circulation.


Of course, since the Oculus is already out, the Vive is launching soon and we only have to wait until October for the Playstation VR, Rockstar will hardly be gunning for making a launch title for either VR device. Knowing them, even if they announce GTA VR this E3, it will be with an early 2018 release date.

Despite the date yesterday, Rockstar’s own recent announcement about the Declasse Tornado Custom coming to Benny’s Original Motorworks in GTA Online next Tuesday wasn’t an April’s Fools joke. The ride will be actually making its in-game appearance, kicking of April’s weekly content release schedule.


April receiving one new lowrider vehicle per week, occasionally coupled with a new football related Adversary Mode, is info that was recently leaked by reputable data-miners. The code references, the 3D models and the projected release dates were dug out of the game files of the recently released Lowriders: Custom Classics DLC.

The two other vehicles following the Tornado that are coming to Benny’s will be the Minivan and the Sabre GT, both of which were first discovered when the Custom Classics Single-player mod – due to taking the game files as a basis – automatically added the new rides to the game.

Would you be interested in a VR edition of GTA V if it would actually be announced?

Aron Gerencser
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