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GTA Vice City Speedrunner Finishes Game In Under An Hour


One hour... you can finish an average Cal of Duty campaign in that much time!

The video game community has spawned a number of sub-communities and niches which have become more popular and effectively connect the gaming world. One such sub-community is that of the "speedrunners".

These are gamers, typically very skilled, who make sport of finishing the main storyline (or even 100%'ing a game) in the shortest possible amount of time. To achieve this, they exploit any beneficial bugs, glitches and the like. However they cannot use mods, cheats or hacks to assist them. The only tools they have at their disposal are those the game hands them.

There is some pretty serious rivalry going on in this niche, with various members seeking to beat one another in a race where even the milliseconds count.

Once such speedrunner, KZ_FREW, managed to get to the top of the food chain for one particular game, with no better recorded completion time out there.

GTA Vice City, the second GTA game of the 3D era, like any other game in the franchise, has a ton of content, and even its story missions add up to quite a nice sum, plus the map isn't too tiny either (to see how long it takes to cross it exactly, check this out). Even so, KZ finished the game in under an hour.


54 minutes and 13 seconds, to be precise. He chose to use the Japanese localised version of the game for this speedrun, as that release was a tad glitchier than the Western releases, allowing him to cut a few more corners - but hey, that's what speedrunning is about.

Do yourself a favor and stay away from the comments in the Youtube video, though. Have any of you guys ever dabbled in speedrunning? What is the shortest time in which you completed a GTA game?


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