GTA (V)ice City Intro Cross-Over

Making cross-over videos with GTA V and… well, pretty much anything else has been made considerably easy thanks to mod support on PC and the Rockstar Editor. Making cross-over videos with GTA V and another GTA game is even easier and can be done without mods. Since the Rockstar Editor has come to consoles, such a video can be made on PS4 or Xbox One as well.

Games in the Grand Theft Auto franchise are known and famous for a lot of things. Iconic gameplay, crude satirical humor, a perverse infatuation with controversial themes, wide open worlds with plenty of things to faff around with, easter eggs, mysteries, cars, violence and much, much more.

However, GTA games are also know for their unique style, blending comic and cartoon elements with realism. The truth is, games (like books) in fact are judged by the cover – however the next step is the intro.


Intro sequences are something GTA games have pretty much always gotten right. They introduce the world the players will be short exploring – and wrecking – in a brief but engaging manner, all the while getting the opening credits and title shot out of the way.

We’ve seen a Rockstar Editor recreation of the intro to San Andreas, which fit perfectly since its setting (partially) and that of GTA V are both Los Santos. Despite the depictions of the city being wildly different due to the face-lift LS got for the newest game, many locations are present in both and look mostly the same.

This new upload on the other hand tries to tackle a Vice City cross-over. The styles of the two games are much further removed. While street gangs were prominent in both V and San Andreas, Vice City turned back the hands of time and let players loose in a neon-soaked 80’s rendition of Miami full of white suits, pink shirts, martinis and sunglasses.

Despite the thematic dissonance, the intro cross-over works surprisingly well. This is but a taste of what a remastered Vice City might actually end up looking like if it ever becomes reality. The creator, a relatively underground YouTuber called Mybrokenmouse was clearly going for a scene-by-scene, shot-by-shot remake here – which he achieves flawlessly.


GTA Vice City has recently seen a re-release on mobile devices and can also be played on the PS4 along with a handful of other PS2 era classics.

Would you buy a remastered version of GTA Vice City?

Aron Gerencser
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