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GTA Vice City cut mission casts Tommy Vercetti in a movie

We don't think that the technology of the time would have been able to pull off this cut mission successfully.

Grove Street Games' reputation will forever be tarnished by how bad Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition runs. As it turns out, there's plenty of things that the studio did with the code that points to how badly they did their job.

For example, we just found proof of cut beta missions in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City from internal files that should not have made it to the final version of the game.

Check out the video yourself to see what could have been included in the 2002 title:

The dataminer YouTube Vadim M couldn't help but scoff at Grove Street Games' awful work on the GTA Trilogy. It's not unusual for games to have internal files. But, it takes a different level of negligence to include these "secret" files in the final build of a game. The worst part here is that Grove Street Games should have already known this since they were working on a remaster and not an entirely new game.

For what it's worth, the mission, movie demo, would have made for quite a memorable one. The cut files include a cutscene where Tommy can be seen leaving the Ocean Beach police station, getting into a shootout, escaping in a Banshee, and then dying after a big, fiery explosion. Cut dialogue suggests that this would have been for a car chase scene for Steve Scott, an in-game movie producer played by Dennis Hopper.

Grove Street Games continues to be a gift that keeps on giving if only that gift was a box full of nightmares.

In an ideal world, this cut content would have made it into Vice City and gamers would have had a chance to watch the finished movie.

Alas, this did not happen. If it's any consolation, Rockstar Games might have recycled this idea for 2006's Vice City Stories for the PSP.


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