GTA V Voice Actor Teases Story DLC… Again

Franklin’s voice actor, Shawn Fonteno, has a penchant for pulling the community’s leg with ambiguous posts on his personal Instagram account.

The latest tease is an image of the actor sitting in what looks to be one of the Rockstar offices. In the background are large framed posters of GTA IV, L.A. Noire and Max Payne 3. The biggest tell, however, is the fact that he’s wearing a mo-cap (motion capture) suit.

LOL ……

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Fonteno has pulled similar tricks in the past, leading fans on with a rarely seen promotional image of GTA V’s PC version. He hinted that it might be a shot from Liberty City which will appear in the mythical Story DLC. Some eagle-eyed fans pointed that out rather hastily, but not fast enough to stem the tide of rumors.

As such, players are taking this particular picture with several spoonfuls of salt. The odd commenter here and there asks whether or not this means that Story DLC is confirmed, but others swiftly quiet them down.

The buzz around Story DLC has picked up in recent weeks following nearly one and a half years of silence broken only briefly by shoddy rumors every few months or so.

Amidst leaks and rumors, this is just more fuel on the fire, regardless of how believable – or, to be more precise, unbelievable – it is. Rumors of Story DLC being released at some point for GTA V have been around ever since a few months after GTA 5 was originally released.


That’s nearly two years of nothing and rumors, despite massive popular demand. A rather large portion of GTA V players prefer single player, and some stay away from Online all together. While these players have mods to add new content to the game, this option is only available on PC. Console lone wolves have no alternatives and are itching for some new content.

Based on the rumors and leaks, do you thing that we might be seeing Story DLC for GTA V soon?

Aron Gerencser
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