GTA V Videos Have Just Been Revolutionized

We *think* we all know pretty much everything there is to know about the brilliant Rockstar Editor, the developer’s proprietary game play capture and video editing software that shipped with the PC version of GTA V. The Rockstar Editor allows for players of GTA V to record their screen whilst playing, and then edit the footage into a video using a special interface, giving them control over various special effects, lighting conditions, camera angles, weather conditions, time of day and a number of other options they can use to make the perfect video of their dreams. Numerous great GTA V videos have been made since the launch of the PC version, most of them being recreations of famous scenes from popular culture.


The Rockstar Editor has many options, and gives the user relative freedom in creating their videos. However, there are a set of limitations, and unfortunately the “free camera” wasn’t all that free. The range of the free camera is locked, and you couldn’t move it far away from the player character. This restricted the extent at which prospective film makers could work their craft, and was considered by most to be an unnecessary restriction.

Well, the days of this short range limitations are over. The shackles of the free camera have been broken, and now it can truly be free.

Thanks to the power of modding, of course.

The new OpenCamera mod, which works as an ASI plugin, unlocks the free camera entirely, removing all of the boundaries that constrain the recording mode. This allows for users to record practically anywhere in the game world without having to worry about their player character, which opens up quite a bit of new possibilities.

Will you guys be making use of the OpenCamera mod for GTA V? Rockstar Editor craftsmen, sound off in the comments!

Aron Gerencser
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