GTA V Turns Into The Most Brutal Air Traffic Control Sim

For those of you who are disaster movie fans and for whom the asteroid shower mod is not enough, this particular GTA V mod will certainly scratch your itch.


Even these days, whenever a plane passes overhead, people still look up and note the unique sight. However, despite how it may seem to us on the ground, controlling air traffic is a damn difficult job, and there are countless planes in any given airspace at all times whizzing to and fro. An aerial hub like the city of Los Santos would especially see heavy air traffic. However, in GTA V there is barely any sign of this.

Before you think that all this mod does is add a bunch of planes to the skies of GTA V, let us tell you that this is one of the most devastating mods out there, and considering how many there are, that's saying much. The Planes Hails mod adds a new interface with quite a few options to alter the number of planes in the Los Santos airspace, the exact size of the said airspace, and the ratio of crashes to that of planes.


All of these options are presently available to the player, and can greatly augment the playing experience, when employed correctly. However none of these are quite as destructive as the ominous planageddon.


While initializing a higher number of planes, and having a few of them crash will certainly mix up the formula a bit, it isn't anything like having over a hundred planes zipping around erratically, and having them all crash and respawn and crash throughout Los Santos and the surrounding area. You'll certainly not be bored with fleets of planes literally falling out of the sky.

Do we perchance have any actual air traffic control specialists among our readers? Long shot, we know.

Aron Gerencser
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