GTA V Trainer With A Story Explanation (Mod)

There are plenty of cheat-mods, mod menus and trainers available for GTA V. Usable exclusively in Single Player, these mods allow you to basically become nigh omnipotent. Trainers more or less grant the player dev-tools, including all sorts of nifty abilities regular cheats don't cover. Usually these come in the form of large, unseemly menus covering a good portion of your screen's corner. If that wasn't immersion breaking enough, they also make you a pseudo-god with no explanation.


Granted, these trainers usually aren't used with immersion in mind but it doesn't hurt, right? Rugz007, a GTA V modder figured so. He took a regular trainer, stripped out all the particularly absurd options, made the menu a tad less intrusive and crafted a lore-friendly, in-universe backstory as to why your character is capable of using these abilities.


That's right. A lore-friendly trainer. Bet you've never heard that before. The Heavy Service Mod sees Lester, rogue elements in Merryweather and "The Mechanic" coming together to start their own clandestine business. At astronomic prices, they can get you all the vehicles you need, they can get police heat off you and they can resupply you in the field.


GTA V is big on organised crime anyway so yet another black-market syndicate is hardly unusual. Whether you need air support in the form of an insurgent with a gunner on board, ammo and health crate drops or a well placed bribe, The Heavy Service has you covered - provided you have the cash. Audio files from the three founders have been used to make the experience that much more authentic, meaning they will actually interact with you based on your purchases.


While the functionality of this mod as a trainer is more limited than its competitors, lacking object spawning, teleportation and immortality, it succeeds in being less jarring by magnitudes.

Do you guys use trainers in GTA V? Will you switch to this one?

Aron Gerencser
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