GTA V Temporarily Listed at $20 on Steam

The problems with Grand Theft Auto V and the Steam Summer Sale continue, though this time around, it may be a honest bug as opposed to malicious intentions.

Though it seems as if the issue has been corrected by now, for a short time this morning, the store listing for Grand Theft Auto 5 on Steam was $29.98 at full price, and $20.09 with the -33% discount. Trick is, you couldn't actually buy the game in this package. The only way you can/could actually get the game, is if it's bundled with either Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Max Payne 3 or various types of Shark Cash Cards, as well as any combinations of the above.

The thing with Shark Cash Cards is, as they are redeemable in-game currency, buying that DLC for Grand Theft Auto V means that you are no longer eligible for a steam refund on the game.


Rockstar has been getting some flak for pumping up the price of Grand Theft Auto V for the Steam Summer Sale, however this was new. It is entirely possible that what we saw was merely a glitch in the system. Despite it looking very much like this, since the price has been corrected since, fans who are still outraged due to the pre-sale price buff are calling foul.

Look guys, it's true Rockstar might have pulled a bit of a sly one with the bundles, but seriously, its obvious that this time around there was no malicious intentions involved. During the large sales, the Steam servers are constantly overloaded by the massive traffic, and it's not like this is the first time there were mishaps. With games' prices slipping into the negatives rather frequently during heavy server traffic, this shouldn't exactly be that big a deal.

Time to put the (extra) pitchforks away, people.

Matt Stone

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