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GTA V Takes On The Sims With Realistic Mod

Even at its launch, GTA V was already considered one of the most immersive games of its time. The seemingly endless list of odd activities your player could do, which technically had no impact on gameplay or the story, awed fans far and wide. The game was lauded for its sense of freedom - so much so that other AAA games looked to it as inspiration - and realism.


Michael could do yoga, Franklin could walk is dog and Trevor could... well, kill people. Of course this is just scratching the surface of the fluff and faff the game is filled with. These small, inconsequential actions make the world of GTA V feel alive and vibrant.

But there's always more to be done, right? Even with these in mind, GTA V is hardly a life simulator. You can't micromanage everything about the lives of your characters (not that you'd want to. You'd be playing the Sims if you did). While this mod by Marcs742 doesn't quite bring GTA V to that level of simulation, it does add a whole lot of new needs characters will have that you need to pay attention to.


Michael, Trevor and Franklin will grow hungry, thirsty, tired or unhappy as you play the game. This mod adds a new inventory system which stores consumables like food and drink to manage the first two and you can sleep at the respective character's house or at motels. The reason to keep these needs satisfied is that certain stats take a debuff is your character goes hungry or thirsty. You'll gradually lose health, you'll be slower or you won't be able to use your special ability.


While nothing groundbreaking, this mod adds another level of depth to GTA V's gameplay and immersion. Hardcore players may find this to be a treat.

What other immersion enhancing changes would you make to GTA V?


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