GTA V Story DLC Possibly Showcased At Gamescom

Gamescom is underway as we speak. The largest European gaming convention, Gamescom might not be a venue that sees as many announcements as E3 does, but it gets its fair share of new reveals. As is the case with most game shows, Gamescom is separated into two sectors: the public sector and the business area, which isn’t open to the public.


Developers sometimes show off their upcoming games at a very early stage in development to a very small group, or give press-presentations. Game shows like Gamescom are a perfect opportunity for this, and the business area holds many secrets that we mere mortals would love to find out.

One such secret is, what on earth could Rockstar be possibly showcasing at Gamescom? Well, recently the company has renewed their trademark on AGENT, a game that was announced in 2009 as a PS3 exclusive. The game was described as a stealth game set during the cold war, and would have (will?) had a espionage theme. Just imagine, Rockstar’s take on James Bond? Now that would have been pretty sweet.

And if TakeTwo is to be believed, AGENT is still in development after all this time, so we might just yet see what kind of spin Rockstar will put on the good old spy genre.

The other main contender is the long awaited GTA V story DLC, which has been spoken of ever since the game originally launched, however other than conflicting information coming from the developer, nothing new on the topic has been heard of.

The rumored GTA V story DLC allegedly once again follows the exploits of Michael, Franklin and Trevor, as opposed to previous GTA games featuring DLCs with new characters and story-lines. Players have been pretty anxious to jump back into the boots of the terrible trio and see how their lives in Los Santos continue.

What do you think was showcased at Gamescom?

Aron Gerencser
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