GTA V Redux Creator Answers Fan Questions

People familiar with Reddit will know about the “AMA”, shorthand for “Ask Me Anything”, events which are occasionally held on the site with notable people. Most recently Josh Romito, developer of the highly anticipated GTA V overhaul mod GTA 5 Redux.

Redux has been making a few headlines in the past weeks, though unfortunately not all of them pleasant. While the mod is being lauded as not only one of the greatest graphics mods for the game, but also a revolutionary gameplay overhaul, news also spread of the author being hacked recently, which delayed the project.


However, as the project will be releasing two days from now on the 16th, prospective fans are on the edges of their seats, so to speak. Even though launch day is almost upon us, there were still some details that were unknown. Romito answered a number of questions about his mod which gave us a better picture of what to expect when we click the download button.

Firstly, he clarified the download size. The first release of the mod will be a 4 GB download, however it will soon be followed by a texture pack buffing out the size to 6-7 GB. That said, the mod itself will require an additional 70 (yes, 70) GBs in order to install.


But why does a mod need as much space as the game itself? Romito explained this as being part of his anti-ban method. Now, we’re not talking about a way of skirting the system – GTA 5 Redux will still get you banned if you run it Online. That is exactly why you can’t run it Online – But Romito explains it better than I.

The mod will 100% only affect single player. You are right in saying that it is not possible (“traditionally”) to mod single player, without touching multiplayer. However, in this case, Redux is using a “mods” folder, which contains a copy of your entire game. When you launch the game, OpenIV (a required program to install and run all gta mods) directs the game to the mods folder to read the data. When you wish to go back online again, you can simply rename that mods folder (ex. mods_OFF) and the game will go back to reading your original and un-touched game files.

So basically the mod uses a second, cloned version of your game when you play singleplayer, however when you want to play GTA Online, a quick folder rename is all it takes to essentially turn your game into an unmodded version. This makes switching between single player running the Redux Mod and Online much simpler than with other mods.


Romito also revealed that he plans on working on mods for other games as well down the line, and already began playing around with the Battlefield 1 beta files. As for future updates to Redux, Romito said that there will be a steady stream of updates, and he’s planning things like vehicle packs after launch.

You can check out the whole AMA thread here. Are you looking forward to GTA 5 Redux?

Aron Gerencser
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