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GTA V's Newest Gameplay Overhaul Mod

Mods for GTA V that change or add some kind of gameplay feature or mechanic are plentiful and common. Collections of these aren't too rare either. There are a few well known large overhaul projects out there, though many are very much works in progress. Some are thematic, like that mod that seeks to spirit the world back to the 80's, or the ever expanding total conversion mod known as LSPDFR.

However, mods like Real_Gabe's Real | RAGE don't just grow on trees. This mod takes a number of gameplay tweaks, features and mechanics, alongside map enhancements and texture updates and packs them all into one big overhaul pack.

While GTA V has been skirting the peak of what commercial video game productions can muster in terms of realism, depth and vibrancy, there are always corners that must be cut due to budgetary and deadline constraints. It's the reality of game development. However, dedicated fans are always eager to add their own little improvements to the well weathered formula.


Real | RAGE tweaks a number of variables that affect gameplay. Stats for weapons have been adjusted across the board in order to get them closer to how they would behave in reality, whilst also maintaining balance. Vehicle handling has been tweaked in order to make driving more fun.

Some changes that add realism to the game have also found a place in Real | RAGE. Instead of dropping stacks of cash upon death, PEDs now drop wallets which can be picked up. Said wallets do not glow and also have ragdoll physics implemented, meaning they won't just slam into the ground immediately below them upon spawning, rather they will retain inertia, bounce, skid and slide depending on the forces at work.

The scope on the marksman rifle now has a zoom function with three settings and dynamic cover mechanics have been implemented for various long-range weapons, primarily sniper rifles. The Rhino tank has gotten a complete overhaul with better textures and revised firing. The recoil is much larger, the range has increased and the trail from the slug has been removed for the sake of realism (though that trail did look baller).

One of the more odd additions to the game is the flaming snowball. This "weapon" can be thrown at PEDs in GTA V who, upon being hit, will promptly burst out in flames. Realistic? No. Fun? Yes.

If you're into that sort of thing.

Which tweak in this mod do you think benefits GTA V the most?


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