GTA V Rakes In Golden Joystick Awards

The 33rd Golden Joystick Awards have just wrapped up, and this year’s competition was tight,= but the results are hardly surprising.

Despite not having been released initially this year, the launch of the PC version having happened in 2015 meant that GTA V could compete for recognition in the world’s second oldest video game award ceremony this year as well. Considering the game’s launch versions were highly praised, and that the PC version added a whole lot of new content and features, it is not surprising that GTA V took home several awards, though it got knocked out of the “Ultimate Game of the Year” throne by we-all-know-who.


While the biggest winner of the year is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – to absolutely no-one’s surprise – with a total of 5+1 (the +1 being CDPR winning Best Studio for TW3) awards. The awards are well earned, with the game being almost universally praised by all critics and players, and this goes to show in the sales department as well.


Coming tightly in second place is our own GTA V, with four awards to its name. An obvious community favorite, GTA Online took home the Playfire Most Played Award, with lord knows how many lifetimes worth of game time racked up. GTA Online also got the prestigious award of Best Multiplayer, going up against games which are exclusively multiplayer. Funny how a game-mod beat whole games at their own, well, game. Another rather big award taken home by Rockstar’s blockbuster is best PC game, which is a pretty big thing considering the majority of GTA V’s fans are couch gamers. Last but not least, GTA V won Innovation of the Year for none other than adding First-Person mode to the game.




But who are we to argue, right?

Did you guys vote for GTA V this year?

Aron Gerencser
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