GTA V Racing Tactics - Is Ramming Effective?

GTA, when we come down to it is as much about the "Auto" part as it is the "Theft". Sure, heists remain to be the most lucrative method of acquiring funds but racing is a significant element of both the game and the community.


Despite not being the best kinds of jobs in terms of cash, they still outperform Adversary Modes and the racing oriented sub-culture within the GTA Online player-base is massive. Players seek to put together the best upgrade combinations to squeeze out a few extra milliseconds from their favorite rides. They practice day and night, trying to find the best angles to turn on all the maps, to learn all the routes and pitfalls.


Races in GTA Online don't only depend on stats and knowing the route - what tactics and techniques you use also determine who wins. Different players have different driving styles. Some are precise and calculated, some are sneaky and sly, while others have adopted an aggressive driving style.

Each style works better from some players and worse for others. Regardless, a prevalent phenomenon among GTA Online racers is the tactic of ramming their opponents.

The idea is that when you catch up to whoever is ahead of you, you try bumping into them from the side in such a way that they're knocked off course, but you still keep your control. Depending on who you ask, ramming can be anything from mere bad sportsmanship all the way to downright cheating.

Is it effective, however? Will acting like an asshole and crashing into your opponents actually secure first place in a race? GTA fan and YouTuber Roarbox set out to answer that very question in his new video. While obviously over-acted, the video gets the message across.

If you put your mind to ramming, you're more than likely to miss your mark, leaving you flying off course and possibly crashing. Even when you hit your target, you might be knocked on your ass just as hard as your victim, sending you into a rather solid piece of wall.

Like in so many other cases, the path which seems easy but forces you to act like an asshole doesn't actually pay off. Racing is about having a fast car, knowing the track and above all else - skill. Pulling underhanded tactics won't save you if you lack the latter.

What are your favorite racing techniques in GTA Online?

Aron Gerencser
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