GTA V Programmer Is Protecting Your Privacy

Those of you who sat through the credits of GTA V might be familiar with the name of Eric J. Anderson (or not… I can’t reasonably expect you to remember all those names), who is a senior artificial intelligence programmer at Rockstar Games, who worked on GTAV.


Those of you who are active in the hacker community and know a bit about hacker culture might be familiar with the name of Eijah (or not…. There’s probably a thousand people on the internet with the same moniker.)

It just so happens that these two people are in fact one and the same. Eric J. “Eijah” Anderson is a coder at Rockstar responsible for making sure that the artificial intelligence truly is intelligent. When he isn’t doing work on GTA V, he’s busy coding a new method to allow anyone to share anything in complete anonymity.

The GTA V programmer recently created demonsaw, a new file sharing application marrying the best features of centralized and decentralized application, and applying a new security system called social cryptography. You can send anything, anytime, from anywhere to anywhere, and your identity and location will remain absolutely, completely, totally hidden from anyone.

Eijah has also entered an official partnership with John McAfee, notorious internet security and anonymity advocate and professional exile, who is the founder of the almost universally hated McAfee Anti-Virus.The two plan on spreading the word on demonsaw, which aims to be as user-friendly as possible.

100% free, no ads, no installs, no malware, no bundled software, no logging, no tracking, and no bullshit. Safeguarding our privacy and protecting our Right to Share are the primary goals of Demonsaw. This is the demonsaw Promise.

The issue of internet anonymity has been a hot topic lately, especially with electronic warfare being on the rise.

Aron Gerencser
Aron is responsible for the bulk of the news posts that you’ll find on GTA BOOM each and every day. He loves getting involved with the community and is an avid fan of all things Rockstar Games. When not covering GTA news, playing an RPG or anything sci-fi related, Aron spends his time working on his novel.


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  1. Great to see the word getting out. This really is cutting edge for privacy and anonymity on the net. The community is active and helpful, so anyone should feel free to come check it out at or our subreddits /r/demonsaw and /r/demonbucket. Thanks for your support!