GTA V Prays For Paris

I'm sure you've all heard of the terrible events which transpired in Paris last Friday night and early Saturday. Six separate, co-ordinated terrorist attacks took place in the French capital, many of them involving the detonation of suicide belts and one in which 100 people were taken hostage in a concert venue.

The terrible night ended with 129 dead and well over 300 in hospital with severe injuries. Responsibility for the attacks was claimed by the extremely notorious terrorist group ISIS, against whom a joint military campaign is taking place. Several waves of airstrikes have been conducted against them, and this terror attack was an alleged retaliation.

Following the attacks, most Heads of State and other prominent officials expressed their condemnation of the attacks, as well as their condolences to the people of Paris. Social media was flooded with the hashtag #PrayForParis, and countless Facebook profile picture took on the red, white and blue of the Tricolor. However, remembrance of those who fell did not stop with social networks.



Rockstar proceeded with their Friday the 13th weekend event (good on them, too, we all need some distraction after this) and thanks to a mod, players of GTA V may express their condolences within the bounds of Los Santos.

One modder, Irish Fever, created an in-game memorial to the victims which can be downloaded as a mod for GTA V. Titled "Pray For Paris", the memorial is reminiscent of those which are being erected worldwide, with candles being lit and posters bidding lost friends and loved ones goodbye. While this may seem odd to some, to express condolences in a video game, average everyday people can't exactly do much to prevent such attacks, so instead we must do everything in our power to show support for those who suffered loss. So go ahead and download the mod in remembrance of those not among us anymore.

Keep away from the comments in the mod source page, though! #PrayForParis

Aron Gerencser
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