GTA V Performance Guide from Nvidia


With the wide variety of graphics options available for GTA V PC, we’ve seen various guides geared toward helping players decide which settings to use. This newest GTA V Graphics and Performance Guide isn’t just from a fan, but straight from Nvidia.

The guide not only compares GTA V’s performance with various Nvidia products (as we’d expect), but it also takes quite an in-depth look at the game’s graphics settings. It includes images, charts, and detailed explanations about each option, and even confirms some current problems like a bug with ambient occlusion.

Whether you’ve seen all the options and don’t know what some of them mean, want information specific to GTA V’s performance and how different options compare, or just find it interesting to dig into video game graphics settings, Nvidia’s guide is worth a read.

Nvidia has released similar guides for other PC releases recently, and we hope there are more to come.

Samantha Lienhard
Long-time staffer Sam might have been relatively new to the world of Grand Theft Auto when she joined, but has quickly caught up to speed on the world of Los Santos and all that it entails. You’ll find most of her posts in the news section, while she also maintains many of the other guides and other information pages you’ll find scattered around the site.


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