GTA V PC Graphics Options Revealed


The Xbox One and PS4 versions of GTA V already added more options for the camera controls and other features, but if you get GTA V for the PC, you’ll find yourself with a whole host of new graphics options to play around with. Thanks to PC Gamer, we can now take a look at these options to see what GTA V is capable of on the PC.

Not only does it show you how much of your video memory is being used, but you can also tell it to “ignore suggested limits” and change the graphics options beyond what the game automatically sets based on your computer. Next are the standard options you’d expect: screen type, resolution, aspect ratio, refresh rate, and output monitor if you have multiple monitors. It also lets you set your anti-aliasing options, among other things.

Next, a series of sliders let you adjust GTA V’s population density, population variety, and distance quality, along with adjustments to textures, shadows, and other graphics options related to the game environment. These range from “Normal” to “Very High.” You can also adjust motion blur, ambient occlusion, and more.


There’s even a section for “Advanced Graphics” with even more options, if you want to adjust GTA V’s graphics settings further.

Of course, your PC build will determine the graphics options you can run GTA V at, but with so many possibilities, it should be a great experience whether you want to run GTA V at its minimum or push it as far as you can.

Samantha Lienhard
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