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GTA V PC Discounted On Amazon


The sky is blue, the grass is green and GTA V is on sale. A different platform and different retailer, but discounted nonetheless. These sales are being handed out like candy as retailers know for a fact that GTA V sells really well when the price is slashed a tad. Of course it sells really well at full price too, since, you know, it's GTA V.

We're talking about a game that has sold over 60 million copies and rates are only going up. This is a three year old game outselling the newest AAA massively hyped releases consistently. Hell, the game's soundtrack is bringing in massive profit.


Next in line for the daily discount duty is one of, if not the largest online store fronts in the world. Amazon ships everything everywhere, has been around for two decades and has an ever growing customer base. They stock every version of GTA V be it physical or digital, along with all available Shark Cards.

Pc Screen

Currently there is a 30% discount on the PC version of GTA V on Amazon, meaning the price has gone down to $39.99 from $59.99, a $20 decrease. The shipping is also free for the duration of the sale and if you order it within 17 hours the game will be delivered by Tuesday, February 16. The game is still full price on all other platforms and if bundled with any Shark Cards, so this is a standard edition PC fare only.

GTA V is expected to continue moving units well beyond 2020 and these sales are what make that a realistic figure. Many players are still only now migrating from last-gen to current or re-purchasing the game on multiple platforms. The PC version is seeing adopters even among current-gen console players due to the modding opportunities in single player.

Any of you guys upgrading to current-gen GTA V during this sale?


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