GTA V’s Community Maps Serve The Greater Good

The GTA V community has displayed some incredible acts of cooperation and unity in the past. With players teaming up for cancer awareness rides online, modders collaborating on projects or players voluntarily acting as an in-game taxi service, once you take away the griefers present in every online community, GTA V’s fans are pretty decent people.


Various meta-game community projects have also hit up their heads over time, many of which are openly available to anyone. Two of these, which we will feature here today, are fan-made maps with various points of interest marked which aren’t otherwise.

First up, we have an interactive map which marks every parking lot and Los Santos Customs garage in the game. The map comes courtesy of the GTA V Cruises subreddit and crew, which is dedicated to creating and showing off amazing rides at impromptu car-shows in Online.


The map allows users to select from Atlas, Satellite and Road types, changing the image of the in-game island which is laid under the grid showing the parking lots. This is useful for any beginner who isn’t yet familiar with the map, as well as for navigating to a specific parking lot where a car show is going.

The second map isn’t interactive, but all the more useful. The Merryweather All Purpose Map, as it has been named, began as a map on which good hiding spots for evading jet griefers are marked. However, it has since evolved to include weapon pickup locations, yacht locations, all the stores, Pegasus spawn locations, all underground tunnels (including a hidden mine shaft) and parachute locations.


Initially developed for a specific crew, it has since been released to anyone interested. Currently, the drop-box link is broken, but the author will soon remedy that.

What other great GTA V community projects have you come across?

Aron Gerencser
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