GTA V Overgrown In Cinematic Post-Apoc Mods

GTA V has its fair share of post-apocalyptic mods. Many of them focus on zombies, there is that survival game conversion and of course the big Fallout mod. All of these depict the world after the end as a barren, dry place with no life. GTA V also has its fair share of mods geared towards fan film creation, allowing you to augment your Rockstar Editor videos.


So what happens when you put the two together with a new spin on the whole post-apocalypse theme? You get the GTA V - After Us and Plant Invasion mods.


These two have a take on the end of the world which more resembles Crysis 3 than it does Fallout with the ruined metropolis having been overgrown with vegetation and plant life. Instead of being a dry, barren landscape, these show us a lust and vibrant world after humanity has fallen. Both mods are primarily geared towards avid GTA V Fan Filmmakers.

After Us focuses on a smaller area, part of a block that has a highly detailed city ruin feel to it. Burned out cars, crashed planes, crumbled walls, destroyed buildings and lots of greenery have taken over a few streets with expertly placed props all over.

Plant Invasion goes more for quantity than quality. A significant portion of Los Santos has been overgrown with sliding plants (mostly due to performance issues). The buildings still glow with the lights from the rooms at night and quite a few surfaces are bare, however this mod makes for some magnificent scenes at dusk and dawn, with the rays of sunlight filtering through the thicket around towering skyscrapers.


Both mods are a great addition to the arsenal of any avid GTA V video creator, and they certainly mix up the usual post apocalyptic setting.

What kinds of post apocalyptic GTA V fan videos would you guys make using these mods?

Aron Gerencser
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