GTA V Official Livestreams Announced By Rockstar

If you ever get tired of playing GTA V, you can always mix things up by watching other people play GTA V.

Rockstar occasionally hosts special livestream events to show off some new GT V content. At other times, they occasionally host special livestream events because why the hell not. Rockstar rolls like that. They like to schedule such livestream events for the weekends, assuming that their hard-working players will have more time to watch the streams at those times. Sans any kind of new content to show off, this weekend’s livestreams focused more on the content made by the community, instead of Rockstar themselves.


For those of you who didn’t tune in to yesterday’s stream, it featured a number of the best and most challenging Rockstar Creator jobs, with their designers appearing as guest-stars. The somewhat controversial (meaning that everyone hates it) t-shirt cannon was also fired off at the viewers in Twitch chat. Some of the jobs shown off were the most difficult corkscrews and high altitude races one can find.


The second stream slipped right off the weekend for some reason, and instead is being held tomorrow to brighten your dreary Monday. It will be focusing on content from the relatively recent Lowriders GTA Online update, featuring one of the game’s soundtrack artists. Curren$y Spitta, a popular rapper contributed to the playlist of Fetti on The Lab, to which you can listen to on the in-game radio. The artist’s debut album was inspired by GTA Vice City, and he is known to be both a massive fan of the franchise, as well as all over lowriders, so you can expect him to be a damn eager guest on the livestream. He’ll also be showing off some new songs from his new album, Canal Street Confidential.

Any of you guys watch GTA livestreams regularly?

Aron Gerencser
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