GTA V Named PC Gamer’s Best 2013 Game Of 2015

While securing profits for three (and possibly more) years by spreading out the release dates for the different platform versions of your game is a great financial move, for the love of god, think of the journalists!


GTA V is a game from 2013. The PC version was released in 2015, and was great, however it is this kind of weird launch scheduling that spawns abominations such as the “2103 game of 2015 award”.

PC Gamer, one of the most well known, well respected and frequently read gaming publications made a bit of an oops in this year’s game of the year awards by introducing weird nominations like this one. As much as GTA V deserves this, it sure as hell does not deserve this.


However, the points brought up by the writers are spot on. GTA V’s PC version should be showered with at least as much praise and awards as the launch versions, and the current-gen console versions after that, if not more. Undoubtedly the definitive edition of the game, the PC version of GTA 5 adds some crucial elements which have perfected the already magnificent masterpiece that Rockstar released on the console prior.

The possibility for mods, the Rockstar Editor (which, granted, is now available on current-gen as well), and the stunning visuals all elevated the PC version of GTA V above the other releases, and above most other 2015 games as well. Of course, there were a few worthy contenders, however few really matched Rockstar’s blockbuster open world action adventure epic.


The PC version has been sweeping in awards throughout the year, and it isn’t slowing down now that the definitive awards – the Game of the Year awards – are being handed out. This is despite having strong competition from the likes of Metal Gear Solid V, the Witcher 3 and Fallout 4.

Do you count GTA V PC among your games of the year for 2015?

Aron Gerencser
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