GTA V Modder JulioNIB Releases Watch_Dogs Mod

The rivalry between different Watch_Dogs mods for GTA V has thus begun. We've previously covered another mod which sought to port over a number of hacks from Ubisoft's ill-fated franchise starter. That mod's author intends to expand it to the point where it will practically be Watch_Dogs within GTA V, including missions, cutscenes and all the features.

That rather impressive mod has met its match with JuiloNIB. The legendary GTA V modder, who is responsible for the magnificent Iron Man mods, the Hulk mod and the Just Cause 2 grappling hook, among others, has announced a good while ago that he intends to create a W_D mod for V. Finally, that mod has entered its first release phase, and Julio has impressed us all yet again.

The mod includes not only all of the hacks from the original game, it has added some new functions which aren't present in Ubisoft's product. With this mod, every traffic light also has a security camera placed, you can burst engines or cause another car to accelerate and you can derail trains. The mod also changes some basic things in GTA V, like adding a new walking animation for when you've only got one weapon drawn, and crimes will need witnesses who live long enough to report what they've seen for the cops to be on your tail.


The standard hacks, like blackout, traffic lights, blockers, car unlock and ATM draining are all there, and to top it all off, the HUD and inventory style of Watch_Dogs was also ported over entirely, resulting in an entirely authentic experience.


Considering the general public consensus regarding Watch_Dogs, it should not be at all surprising to hear that jokes regarding this mod being better at Watch_Dogs than actual Watch_Dogs were aplenty.

Which of the two GTA V Watch_Dogs mods do you prefer?

Aron Gerencser
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