GTA V Mod Makes You A Monster Hunter

The GTA series is somewhat famous for its cryptic themed easter eggs. There are plenty of confirmed ghost easter eggs across the franchise, with GTA V's being among the creepiest. The Bigfoot mystery, which was conceived in San Andreas back in 2004, was only solved in GTA V, 11 years later. The entire Mt. Chiliad Mystery is mired in secrets, UFOs and hidden clues.

Seeing as ghosts an Bigfoot have such a considerable role as easter eggs, it is only fitting that they should get a little more time out in the spotlight. Tracking down easter eggs is a massive craze among GTA V players. It's a thoroughly challenging activity where luck plays a major role - however it is also pretty safe and harmless.

Until now, at least. It's time that the easter eggs fight back. In newbie modder Maryo_Nicle7's first creation, San Andreas Creatures, the player is tasked with tracking down and killing off the elusive Bigfoot and 4 ghosts of characters who are killed at some point in the story.



Among those who have returned to haunt in our world is Johnny Klebitz, star of GTA IV's DLC The Lost and Damned, who is killed by Trevor in GTA V. Johnny's minigun wielding ghost is joined by Steve Haines, Andreas and an unnamed Ghost protected by zombies at the Morgue.


For a first attempt at modding, this a magnificent one. There are no known bugs - though the author does humbly list the necessity of using the Map Editor mod as one - and many renowned and reputable modders have praised the work in the comments. The use of a night-vision or thermal vision mod is recommended, as tracking down the ghost without will prove to be quite the challenge.

Do you hope that paranormal easter eggs will appear in future GTA games?

Aron Gerencser
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