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GTA V Mod Makes You King Of The Beasts

One of the few advantages GTA V's single player mod enjoys over Online is the vibrant and diverse wildlife that populates the game world. Despite Trevor's best efforts at wiping out anything that lives there are plenty of creatures out in the wild, some of which may even be dangerous. Many players have been requesting a feature in GTA Online that allows you to keep pets, ranging from regular cats, dogs and fish all the way to luxury animals like tigers costing several million as end-game content.


Mods allow you to do even more. TheOriginalNic took the basic idea of keeping pets and applied the good old GTA mentality. Why keep regular pets or even luxury trophy animals if you can have a whole troop of wild cats following you? Better yet, why not have your predatory followers fight along side you?


The Predator Companions mod allows you to enlist the assistance of various dangerous animals as bodyguards. Ranging from the threatening such as Rottweilers, through the terrifying such as lions and coyotes all the way to the humorous like pugs, this mod as it all. With an ever expanding list of species that you can call upon, it seems that GTA V's modding community beat Far Cry Primal at its own game before it even had a chance to play.

Recent updates have added an in-game menu so the mod won't hog your keyboard, plus now your companions respawn with you if you happen to die in spite of their valiant assistance.

This mod, while not geared for filmmaking like so many others, would make a great addition to the arsenal of any Rockstar Editor user. What could be more epic than charging into battle with mountain lions, and what could be more funny than doing the same with poodles?

What kind of animal interaction features would you like to see in GTA V and Online?


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