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GTA V Mod Brings Powerpuff Girls To Your PC

Some of you may remember our recent coverage of Merfish's GTA V rendition of the Powerpuff Girls, an old and popular children's cartoon. Those of you who don't remember either have a terrible memory or you just don't read these articles. That's okay, we're not mad.


One of the main points we praised was the magnificent way in which the different otherworldly villains were recreated. This was achieved by using all kinds of texture mods to warp the various characters of GTA V into the iconic characters of the series.

The Powerpuff Girls themselves are the three protagonists from the game, with Lester as Professor Utonium. A number of well known villains were also recreated, such as the Rowdyruff Boys, the Amoeba Boys, the Gangreen Gang, Mojo Jojo, HIM, Sedusa and many others.

The Powerpuff Girls Textures mod contains all the character models from the recreation. This brings the total number of re-textured characters from the GTA V story to 26, meaning that you'll be encountering all kinds of freak-show escapees at every turn while exploring Los Santos.

Merfish has made quite a name for himself with his increasingly disturbing Rockstar Editor renditions of various popular children's shows in GTA V. All of his works are extremely creepy and they all have a penchant for adding some over-the-top violence that wasn't present (obviously) in the original versions.

Merfish has uploaded the mods he used for his most recent works, such as the Teletubbies, Pokémon and Captain Planet textures, as well as one which changes the moon into Lester's face, like the sun in the Teletubbies mod.


His expert use of existing assets in GTA V (such as the troubling prevalence of dildos - seriously, those things are pretty damn versatile) in new and "creative" ways to make characters look like their cartoon counterparts is one of the main reasons for his popularity, next to his sick, sick mind.

Which Merfish GTA V fan video do you find the most disturbing?


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