GTA V Mod Adds The World's Smallest Car

Read and learn. Useless trivia is the essence of small talk, so if nothing else, you'll certainly walk away from this article with a great ice breaker plus an entertaining little GTA V mod.

Do you know what the smallest car to ever enter production was? Well, you will now. Incidentally manufactured on a rather small island, this tiny vehicle drove its way into the Guinness Book of Records by being the shortest, thinnest and lightest street-legal automobile to ever be designed, produced and sold. Only 50 of these were ever made, and 27 of those still exist today. The little three-wheeler achieved international fame by being featured on shows such as Top Gear and X Factor.

We are of course speaking of the Peel Engineering Company P50. The vehicle, described to fit one adult and a shopping bag, is a 1,372 mm long, 991 mm wide and 59 kilogram three wheeled motorcar. It has a top speed of 60 kilometers per hour.


The P50 could also not reverse. Rather, it had a small handle on the rear which allowed the user to pick it up an physically drag it around if need be. The vehicle was designed and manufactured on the autonomous Isle of Man, located in the waters between Great Britain and Ireland, where the small vehicle was probably more than sufficient.

Now, you can drive around in your own upgraded P50 thanks to this GTA V mod. The in-game version has a significantly increased top speed, not to mention greater endurance (the original was made from paper-mache held together with spit, more or less). This means you can softly bump into a bush without the vehicle vaporizing instantly. This mod is bound to grant you some fun moments as you zip around Los Santos in the tiny metal box with three wheels at ludicrous speeds.

Will you be giving the P50 a spin in GTA V?

Aron Gerencser
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