GTA 5 Mod Adds Prison Simulation

The GTA franchise has always been about wanton crime and destruction. Drugs, murder, arson, assault, the carrying of unlicensed weaponry, theft, trespassing, resisting arrest and more are all charges that are valid for all protagonists ever to appear in a GTA game. Thing is, even if they're caught, no one ever goes to prison. A (pretty small) bail is paid and they walk free.

Now, this isn't how the real world works at all. The reason why GTA games forego forcing players to sit jail sentences is because, let's face it, that ain't fun. Being in prison is a bummer and the whole point of playing video games is having fun.

But what if you give the prisons in GTA a spin befitting the franchise which deals in crime? Gangs operating in prisons, dealing drugs and weapons, is a real thing, so why not add it to GTA where it fits right in?



That's exactly what aspiring modder Azorah has done with his Prison Life mod. The mod seeks to accurately simulate what prison life would be like for a GTA protagonist once the law catches up with them for real. There's a gang system in place, allowing players to join either the Ballas, the Families or the Lost MC, or opting to create their own gang.

Alongside a wide-range of new interactions, players can use a fully equipped gym, where all of the machines are functional. Of course, you're not joining a gang just to work out - there is a black-market selling weapons and ammo, plus a handful of prison jobs to run for your gang. If you prefer a controller over mice and keyboard, you're in luck, since this mod features full gamepad support.


Would you like to see an interactive prison system appearing in future GTA games?

Aron Gerencser
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