GTA V Might Meet Its Match In The Face Of Crackdown 3

It would seem appropriate that one of GTA V'a main rivals, the top crime themed game out there, would be one about restoring order to a city by destroying organised crime. While the Crackdown franchise hardly has the fame and glory of GTA, the newest installment of the Microsoft exclusive franchise, coming soon to Xbox One, will have some pretty unique features that GTA could benefit from. But could it be enough to topple the multi-platform record breaker from its throne?

We don't think so.

Crackdown 3 will be powered by Microsoft's cloud computing system. This feature of the Xbox One was briefly explained back when the console was first announced, but not many people really understood what all the fuss is about without a proper example. Crackdown 3 will feature fully destructible environments thanks to this technology, in a way never before seen. Every single building can be blown apart floor-by-floor, wall-by-wall.


However, there are a few quite simple reasons why Crackdown 3 will never be as successful as GTA V was.

Firstly, the audience. GTA V is available on five platforms, while Crackdown 3 will be available on only one, which also happens to be the least-well selling of the platforms still taken into account today.

Another thing is that the bar has been set so high by GTA V over the years since its release, that going over those sales figures is now practically impossible for any franchise which does not have immense brand recognition. Honestly, how many of you have heard of the Crackdown franchise? And how many of you have played the games?

On the flip side, GTA is one of the most well known games in the world. If you'd ask any non-gamer to name three games, GTA would be one of those three nine times out of ten (with the other two most likely being Call of Duty and FIFA... we shall not discuss the quality of said games).

Are any of out Xbox One players looking forward to Crackdown 3?

Aron Gerencser
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